Monday, May 23, 2011


I use some form of sugar in almost everything I bake.  When I first started baking I would constantly mess up the sugar component of recipes.  I would use brown sugar or confectioner's sugar instead of granulated sugar.  I would only half-heartedly cream the butter and sugar.  Then I would wonder why my cookies were flat and tasted funny! Lol.  Sugar is a vital part of any recipe and if you use it right, your baked goods will have the perfect amount of sweetness! 
To use it properly, you must understand the purpose of sugar in baking processes.
-It helps fats disperse evenly
-It helps browning in the oven
-It helps preserve the shelf life of the baked good
-It sweetens!

While sugar is amazing, do watch your sugar intake.  All too often, customers ask why is sugar bad for you?  Sugar itself isn't!  High sugar intake, however, is unhealthy! 

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